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Memories Forever, Inspiration for Generations...

About Us


Our vision is to make this world a better place by paying tribute to the people whose lives made a difference to humanity, community or family in ways big and small for others to emulate.



  • Use historical and other significant events to pay tribute to heroes and loved ones
  • Provide quality tributes for loved ones home and abroad and for posterity
  • Provide a sense of pride in the pedigree of our loved ones and ancestry
  • Hire top notch employees and provide the best environment to work in
  • Treat our clients with the highest level of respect and dignity


  • To inspire higher levels of human behavior using tributes to drive such inspiration
  • To provide the highest quality pages in the world for tributes to heroes and departed loved ones
  • To make our content relevant and inspirational to different nations and cultures worldwide
  • To provide the opportunity to honor heroes and family for generations yet to come

Our Values

  • We value all tributes for inspiration great and small. We do not judge the “value” of the tribute
  • We review all external content for appropriateness before posting it to the tribute pages. What is determined appropriate content is at the sole discretion of MyTribute.Life
  • Tributes that advocate illegality, discrimination violence etc., will be rejected.

Our Founders

Paul Asobayire

Co-Founder & CEO

Paul Asobayire is a co-founder and CEO of MyTribute.Life. Paul holds BA (Hons) and MA degrees in economics from the University of Ghana and Simon Fraser University (Canada) respectively, and MBA from Yale University (USA).

Prior to founding MyTribute.Life, Paul held various positions including the Global Software Marketing Expert at IBM corporate headquarters in Armonk, New York.

He was also a management consultant on corporate strategy and was one of IBM’s pioneers consulting to fortune 500 companies on online strategies in the early days of the Internet.

Paul is also a senior lecturer at Mountcrest University.

Samuel Ntow

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Samuel Ntow is a co-founder and the lead developer of MyTribute.Life. 

Samuel has extensive experience in various areas of systems analysis and software engineering. He was also one of the co-founders of Career Blue Print Ghana and a web/Mobile App tutor at Career Blueprint.

Samuel has featured in many national projects in Ghana. Before co-founding MyTribute.Life Samuel was a lead developer supporting web-based applications using web authoring PC-based software.