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Terms Of Use is dedicated to preserving the memories of people and events that have touched our lives. It is our mission to do so in a way that is both loving and respectful to the memory of those for whom tributes are written, while at the same time, be inoffensive to anyone who may read these tribute pages. will not allow offensive content to be displayed on its pages and reserves the sole right to decide what is offensive. Should complaint arise over the nature of content published by a subscriber, we will in the first instance investigate and where necessary and possible, edit the content. In extremes the offensive page will be removed without compensation. will not in principle, prohibit the life of anyone from being memorialized. All of us, good and evil, have mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. All have the right to preserve and cherish their loved one’s memory.

The editors of create their own tributes and memorials to the lives of public figures. Any content used is freely available in the public domain and we seek merely to honor the lives of those who have added special value to the human experience.

Private Tributes and Memorial Pages, created by subscribers, are not publicly displayed but can be accessed by using the provided search tool using First and Last Name. Tribute pages can also be visited by clicking on a direct link which may have been shared or found via internet search. Authors should be aware of this when submitting content for their tribute page. Authors may also request that their tributes be featured publicly in the “Recent Tributes”

The Editors and designers of involve ourselves in the creative process in order to maintain a high standard of content and visual presentation. Subscribers can at any time request changes or additions to their tribute page. A modest update fee is charged for this service.

As far as we can possibly guarantee, these pages will be archived and be made available to visit forever. We cannot however, predict forever and thus reserve the right to do what is necessary to sustain the content for the benefit of both clients and visitors.