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We pride ourselves on having the most beautiful obituary and memorial pages in the world! With no advertisements and other distractions, your page will remain dignified forever.

Browse our library of tributes to public figures. These will help to give you ideas as to what elements you'd like to include in your page. Enjoy their stories as you browse through them, taking note of the template names that would best match the story you'd like to tell. A memorial page can be a simple photo and a few words. Or it can be a longer story, collage / slideshow of pictures and even embedded video.

This is our Black & White template. Classy and sophisticated, it offers you room to tell the life story of your loved one, with a profile image,tribute and a scrolling quote from any related person. Black & White Classic also provides space for a highlighted quotation or comment from a spouse, family member or friend. Black & White Classic also provides links to share tribute page to loved ones on social media and also email tribute page as well. Black & White Classic also provides a page to leave message in an open electronic message that keeps the memory of your loved ones always online with a customized pictures to use.

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White&Black Classic

This template has the same feature as the Black&White Template. However it has a Black background and white content area

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