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April 19,1939 -May 08,2019

Here lies the mortal remains of the late Mr. Andrew Thomas Kweku Klukpo popularly known as Korku Menua, close friends and colleagues called him ATK Klukpo or Mr. Klukpo while his children called him Papa. He was born to Mr. Paul “Soldier” Vidzroe of Gefia and Sotoryawor Nanewortor of Agbedrafor (both deceased) on 19th April 1939 in Gefia. His father and mother left Gefia to settle at Adjanowor, a farming community near Aburi in the Eastern Region of Ghana when he was three years old since they were both farmers. In the year 1947, his Uncle the late Torgbui Kludzi II, Dufia of Gefia visited them at Adjanowor and requested from the brother the late Paul Klukpo to release Andrew Thomas Kweku Klukpo so he could take him back to Gefia to start schooling since the community (Gefia) was given permission to start a school. Korku Menua therefore returned with the uncle to Gefia and started schooling in 1947 when he was eight years and since the School in Gefia was up to only class three at the time, he together with some other children from Gefia and its surroundings proceeded to Abor to continue their education. He continued with his schooling in Abor until 1954 when he went back to his parents who moved from Adjanowor to Nkumkrom, also a farming community near Nsawam to start with his Middle School education. He barely finished with his first year in the Middle School when another Uncle, Afetor Gafotsi came for him to continue with his education at a community near Peki Dzakey. There was no school in this community and due to the distance, Korku Menua was handed to Torgbui Agbo in Dzakey community by Afetor Gafotsi with a responsility of  a father to enable Menua continue with his education and in 1959, he graduated with the Middle School Leaver’s Certificate (MSLC).

Korku Menua was a very energetic person, full of enthusiasm and discipline. These attributes became manifest when after completing his Middle School education, he decided to move to the cities of Accra and Tema to look for employment. He however could not secure a job good enough to take care of himself and his parents as well as siblings and so in 1963 he sat for an entrance examination that got him admitted into St. Francis College of Education, Hohoe to be trained as a professional teacher. Menua successfully went through the strenuous and hectic teacher training course for four years and in 1967, he was among the year’s newly trained teachers who were awarded with Cert A (teachers professional certificate). As a newly trained teacher, he got posted to Lakanti Middle School in the newly created Oti Region to start his professional job as a teacher and to begin life as a family man since he got married to his first wife, Madam Agnes Amewode Sogli in that same year and was expecting his first child.

As a young teacher in Lakanti, Korku Minua was very dedicated to his job and performed his responsibilities diligently that saw an improvement in every aspect of the school to the admiration of his colleagues and the entire community. He was highly admired and respected by the community and his colleagues as well as the pupils for his disciplinary principles and hard work. His first child, Hilarious Yao Gakor was born successfully in 1968 at the time he got married to his second wife, Madam Hudzengor Kludzi who was also expecting a baby and in 1969, Korku Menua’s second child Mr. Moses Komla Gakor was born. Having two wives and two kids at this tender age was a huge challenge for Menua looking at the fact that he just got employed with a salary not big enough so he decided to add farming to his professional job so he could manage his family life better. He spent seven (7) years at Lakanti and got transferred in 1975 to Saviefe Agorkpo Middle School where he spent just two years and got transferred again in 1977 this time, to Nyive LA Middle School.

At Nyive, Korku Menua never lowered his sense of commitment and dedication to his teaching profession and gave his all. His disciplinary stature coupled with his pedagogical skills in the classroom sooner than later made him one of the most loved teachers among the pupils and the community. Mr. or Teacher Klukpo became his new name among his pupils and the entire community and every pupil fought hard to get to school on time when Mr. Klukpo was on duty as he wouldn’t tolerate lateness and any act of indiscipline and misbehavior. Mr. Klukpo’s love for sports was brought to the fore when he led the school to win many trophies in football, volleyball and athletics just as he was doing in the academic aspect of his pupils until he went on retirement in the year 1999.

Mr. Klukpo’s positive attitude and hard work sooner drew the attention of the traditional authorities and the opinion leaders of the community and he started working hand in hand with the community leaders to pursue the developmental agenda of the community. He became an integral figure of the traditional leadership and was part of most decisions taken to advance the development of the community. Nyive therefore became a home for Mr. Klukpo and his family and in 1982, he picked his third wife in Madam Comfort Kposu and gave birth to their first child, Miss Gifty Yaaya Gakor in 1983.

As a father, Korku Menua made sure his biological children were not the only wards he had. He fathered all and sundry making sure that those entrusted under his care were clothed, fed, sheltered and most importantly had formal education. His disciplinary principles were in constant display at home ensuring that his children conformed to societal norms as well as good deeds. He offered extra tuition to his children after school, mostly in the evenings and ensured that they were competitive in every aspect of their school life.

Korku Menua was enthusiastic and very healthy in most parts of his life but all that changed some few years ago when he started experiencing ill health that took him to several top health facilities in Ghana for medical attention. The situation became worse in the last two years and all attempts in medical and spiritual circles to save his life failed and he gave his last breath on Wednesday, the 8th of May 2019 at Ho Teaching Hospital at exactly 9:17 am

For me, to live, is Christ and to die is gain”. Philippians 1:21.      

May his soul rest well with the Lord. Amen.


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